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Weekly sessions take place on Thursday afternoons/evenings during term-time only.

Infants Drama Group


Alice Penny & Gemma Richmond


For children in school years:
Reception to Year 2


Thursdays: 4-5pm & 5-6pm

Junior Drama Group



Samm Lafferty


For children in school years:


Thursdays: 6-7pm & 7-8pm

Senior Drama Group



Donna Agg


For children/young people in
school years: 7 -11 


Thursdays: 6-7.30pm

Youth Theatre



Donna Agg


For young people aged:
16 - 25 years 


Thursdays: 7:30 - 9pm

Adult Community Theatre



Rosarie Walsh

For people aged:


Thursdays: 7.30-9pm


To book a place for any of the sessions, please either email us at with your/their name, age, and school year (if applicable).

Alternatively, you can complete the form below. Once we receive your enquiry, we will reply by email to confirm their start date and which day/session they will attend and confirm costs.


Thanks for your enquiry! We'll get back to you soon.


2024 Spring:
Thursdays – 22nd Feb, 29th Feb, 7th Mar, 14th Mar, 21st Mar [5 weeks]

2024 Easter:
Thursdays - 11th Apr, 18th Apr, 25th Apr, 2nd May, 9th May, 16th May, 23rd May [7 weeks]

2024 Summer:
Thursdays - 13th Jun, 20th Jun, 27th Jun,  4th Jul, 11th Jul, 18th Jul [6 weeks]

2024 Autumn:

Thursdays - 5th Sept, 12th Sept, 19th Sept, 26th Sept, 3rd Oct, 10th Oct, 17th Oct, 24th Oct [8 weeks]

2024 Winter:

Thursdays - 7th Nov, 14th Nov, 21st Nov, 28th Nov, 5th Dec, 12th Dec, 19th Dec [7 weeks]

2025 New Year:

Thursdays – 9th Jan, 16th Jan, 23rd Jan, 30th Jan, 6th Feb, 13th Feb [7 weeks]

2025 Spring:

Thursdays – 27th Feb, 6th Mar, 13th Mar, 20th Mar, 27th Mar, 3rd Apr [6 weeks]

2025 Easter:

Thursdays – 24th Apr, 1st May, 8th May, 15th May, 22nd May [5 weeks]

2025 Summer:

Thursdays – 12th Jun, 19th Jun, 26th Jun, 3rd Jul, 10th Jul, 17th Jul, 24th Jul [7 weeks]



Our monthly subscriptions are £15 per child per month via direct debit; plus, an annual membership fee of £5 (paid annually every September, or upon joining and then every September).

We have a sibling rate of £8 per month via direct debit for any siblings who also attend; plus, the £5 annual membership fee.

For our adult classes, our monthly subscriptions are £25 per month, plus an annual membership fee of £5.

​Unfortunately, we cannot offer a ‘weekly pay-as-you-go’ arrangement as we have to plan class sizes to ensure we can cover our costs.

We try to keep our classes as affordable as possible so that they are accessible to all.

We do have a financial support policy as part of our Financial Policy.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you are struggling with the costs, and we can work out the best way of supporting you.


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Infant Drama Group/s

Our sessions involve focus games, name songs, plus physical and vocal warm-ups to get them ready for the session.  We follow this by an imaginary adventure section based on a theme (under the sea, superheroes, wild west, Harry Potter etc) making use of a variety of art-forms and stimuli including drama, puppetry, dance, music, props, and costumes.  This is followed by a cool-down to unwind leaving the children feeling accomplished and relaxed.


Junior Drama Group/s

Our sessions begin with games and imagination exercises to help the children ‘let go of the day’, feel energised and connected to each other and to get us moving. Some are an invitation to be playful, whilst others are more challenging. Then we’ll move to the main activity of the session, working in groups or with partners: improvisation, character work, or exploring different situations. We generally ‘playback’ and perform what we’ve worked on to the rest of the group who become a temporary audience. The group give their full attention and offer some feedback, developing everyone as active listeners and confident, sensitive speakers.

Senior sessions

Senior Drama Group/s

Sessions often begin with a question of the day, which brings everyone together, enables new people to get stuck in.  We’ll then share the plan for the rest of the session, followed by games and exercises to get physically and mentally warmed-up. We then work on devising or improvising, sometimes text work or focusing on our voices.  Members get to explore different characters, ideas, themes, and topics, many of which have been chosen by the group. We finish with some closure exercises and a bit of evaluation: what they enjoyed/what they didn’t, so we can plan future sessions.

Youth Theatre

Youth Theatre

We started our Youth Theatre in 2022 for young people aged between 16 - 25. These sessions build on from the our senior classes, as our members continue to develop their team building skills, confidence in speech, and improvisation skills. Sessions often involve text work in the form of duologues, planned and spontaneous improvisation, devising with the use of a stimulus (often a prop or a line of text), movement and voice work, building a character and developing character relationships. 

Red Orange Theater Illustrations Drama Club Flyer (1).jpg

Community Theatre for Adults

Brand new for 2023. Come and join our adult drama classes led by Rosarie Walsh. Working on devising and improvising, exploring different ideas, themes, and topics identified by the group. We will look at the idea of “play” and how as adults we are not given much opportunity in our busy lives to have fun and let go. The first half an hour will be conversation led, with a focus on building rapport. 

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